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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I was having a discussion about money with TL and commented that I observed in general (me included) has got our priorities all mixed up. What's important is measure in terms of money. For example, if I am rich that means I am successful. If I am poor, then I'm a failure. I had a chat with a friend DC and I had a good laugh because someone commented to him that their spiritual teacher is better because their teacher is rich and doing well. I'm sure their spiritual teacher do not use money as his/her yardstick about their spiritual teachings and how it affects people. Strangely, its the perception of the follower who is stuck with the form and not the essence of the teaching.

I asked DC a question. "If you had only 10 minutes to live, would you be taking all your money, cars, shares etc out and burn so that when you get to the other side (depending on individual's faith the other side could be heaven, hell, next life etc)  it will be there waiting for you? " DC laughed and said, "Of course not". A book written by Kristine Carlson (Richard Carlson's wife) titled "An Hour to live, An Hour to Love" very poignantly shows that material stuff are the last thing we want to see when we die...... sooooo what is all this obsession with MONEY !!!

 I guess the way out of this issue is to be ever mindful of my thoughts and feelings so that I can catch the  patterns that grips me with regards to money. Remembering Impermanent nature would also be a practice to follow.
It will be an interesting journey to loosen the grip on the power of money !!! 

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  1. The ego always get priority wrong. We want money so we can be happy but along the way we forgot the happiness and pursue money instead. Indeed insane! But the good news is that it is not the money that make us happy - but our perception about it.