Wisdom Arises Through Understanding

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Quick Fixes

I was having a conversation with LF today and in the midst of the conversation, she mentioned that people like to have their problems fixed. I could not agree more. This is why people to and see Doctors, Therapist, Healers, friends etc. We all want the unpleasant feeling we experience when we have problems, to go away so that we can experience happy or pleasant feelings. I have wondered many a times on how wonderful life would be if I could just wave a magic wand and makes all the experiences I don't enjoy disappear ..... but ...... that is just wishful thinking.

I came to an insight that actually the experiences that I label as unpleasant are precisely those that are meant to heighten my awareness and grow wisdom. If life was hunkydory all the time, where is the opportunity for met to be aware and to crank up the curiosity to observe all that is going on in the body mind? So I conclude that experiences are meant to elicit feelings and thoughts that will either lead us to greater understanding of our mind patterns or lead us down the path of self judgement and doubt. One path leads to wisdom and the other to being stuck.

So, I may wish to crawl into bed and have the blanket over me when problems come a calling but it seem that this path is no longer a long term solution for me as the more I'm on this spiritual journey, the more I'm seeing the surrealness of things and events when the mind steps back from an experience to see what's happening within and not to be fixated by external drama.

Though sometimes I feel inadequate to handle all the experiences but I count my blessings that I have good friends who render support when the mind is unwilling and the spirit is low. Strangely, though the ego still wants quick fixes but whatever little wisdom that is here knows differently. The journey continues 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Accept or Suffer

Last week my whole family went on a road trip n at the end of the trip, my nephew n mom started to be sick. I thought it was a small matter but after a few hours on arrival at home I also started to vomit n have diarrhea. For 2 days plus I felt very weak n could not eat much.

Throughout the experience, the mind was aware of the discomfort experienced, the judgements and the wanting to be well. With acceptance that currently that was the experience being experienced, there was no fighting n what was experienced was a body that could rest easily. I notice there was no tension even though I had to wake up to go to the toilet.

I notice that in one occasion when the stomach was bloated throughout the night n the mind was experiencing a dislike to the sensations. This time, the mind bought into the thoughts and feeling and what the body experience was difficulty in relaxing and rest did not come easily though the body was tired. What a difference when there is acceptance n when there isn't.

In a way when we empathize with what's happening within, the energy that is around the experience can sort of just dissipate on it's own. In short, how long we suffer bodily n in the mind is dependent on the level of acceptance.