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Friday, March 25, 2011

Accept or Suffer

Last week my whole family went on a road trip n at the end of the trip, my nephew n mom started to be sick. I thought it was a small matter but after a few hours on arrival at home I also started to vomit n have diarrhea. For 2 days plus I felt very weak n could not eat much.

Throughout the experience, the mind was aware of the discomfort experienced, the judgements and the wanting to be well. With acceptance that currently that was the experience being experienced, there was no fighting n what was experienced was a body that could rest easily. I notice there was no tension even though I had to wake up to go to the toilet.

I notice that in one occasion when the stomach was bloated throughout the night n the mind was experiencing a dislike to the sensations. This time, the mind bought into the thoughts and feeling and what the body experience was difficulty in relaxing and rest did not come easily though the body was tired. What a difference when there is acceptance n when there isn't.

In a way when we empathize with what's happening within, the energy that is around the experience can sort of just dissipate on it's own. In short, how long we suffer bodily n in the mind is dependent on the level of acceptance.

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