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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Two days ago i received an email from Yoke Mei telling me that she dreamt she was scolding me because I missed out her name for a retreat i was organising at the end of this month. She remembered vividly being very angry and demanding a place be given to her as she was one of the first to register. I thought it was very funny that i was in someone's dream. So i asked her if she was underpressure or having any conflict with someone the day before.

Strangely, in the afternoon when I reminded Angel to update the participant's list and also to confirm that payment has been made, I discovered that we both could not find information of Yoke Mei paying for the retreat... it was like oooops and it got me thinking maybe her dream was going to become a reality : )

So, i called Yoke Mei and she mentioned she remembered sending the proof of payment about a month ago.... so it got more strange. Thank goodness she was really nice about it and resend the info to me again.

This incident got me wondering about the power of dreams. Do dreams tell us something or warn us of something? I remembered a meditation teacher of mine mentioning sometime ago that when we are living mindfully during the day where we are aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions, the ego had no chance to play its role. So it plays its role when we are asleep.

But I also believe sometimes dreams are the results of our intuition becuase when we are asleep, we sort of got out of our own way i.e being controlling and just allow the intuition/message to come thru.

I will definately take notice of the dreams i have and see which of the two category it falls under.

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