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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mirrors in Our Life

I received this lovely message from a friend as a new year wish which i thought was really nice and meaningful.

"May what you see in your mirrors delight you
And what others see in you delight them
May everyone love you enough to forgive your faults
Be blind to your blemishes  and appreciate your virtues"

Our world outside is our mirror of what is happening inside of us. What prompted me to write this is because recently I've been observing that quite a number of people were telling me how bad things are..... complain can be about anything from  the government, the neighbours, the road condition to the food. At the end of their complaints were that the things they were complaining about needs to be changed. Who to change it ..... no one knows.

I find it rather funny because if they just changed their perception of things then things would look totally different. For example, there is a neighbour that would honk each time they come in front of their mother's house to signal to the maid there to send the children out or to come take the children. For me, I hardly hear the honking and when I do, the sound was gone after 2 seconds. I have no story attached to the honking. However for the person who stays opposite the house, each time she hears the honking by the neighbour.... she gets very worked up and saying that the honking is disturbing her peace. She wants them to stop honking and even came up with an idea to buy a device that makes loud sound so that each time she hears them honk, she would press the device and make a loud sound too.. I had a good laugh because the story of a 2 second honk has become a whole soap opera of getting back at the other person.

If only the person looked within. If the honking irritated her..... what is it showing about her? It must be mirroring that internally she is not feeling peaceful and there is a lot of anger. If the person takes the time to resolve those unhappiness within maybe ... just maybe the honking, when it happens would not be heard at all.

The mirror out there is showing us areas that we need to work on and not for us to create more and more stories around it until we are totally upset and identified with this illusionary world. Changing our perspective in seeing the things outside will turn them into our teachers instead of our prison guards.

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