Wisdom Arises Through Understanding

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wishes Come True

I always thought that when i got all my wishes granted ..... I'll be happy.....but lately.... i think its not so true now.....
I met a wise person and he said if he could grant all my wishes.... what would I want?

I could not believe that at the moment, I drew a blank on what I wanted. I thought I should be jumping up and down and blabbing out my long list of wishes.....

I realised that there is not much that I want because I feel a lot of gratefulness for what I have now.Also there is a knowing that any material goods that I want would only make a difference for a short while.

The wise person laughed and said that I actually do not know what I want and only know what I don't want.. ... Again the truth prevails..... Most of the time I notice in myself and also in others, there is a tendency to state what we don't want and not what we want. Indicating what we want is sometimes seen as being greedy and aggressive. I pondered that there were other reasons that I hardly indicate what I want is because of a feeling of being unworthy of having what I want and also fear of wastage.......

This can be seen in not getting the pair of shoe I want though the current shoe sole is slippery already or not postponing the haircut or ordering food based on price rather that suitability etc  This is a pattern that I've been observing about myself a lot and have to consciously stop myself from getting into the runaway train of unworthiness. When there is consciousness, then there is sound evaluation rather than just based on the program of unworthiness.

So, do I still want my wishes granted ?? Ha ha .... after listening to a story of a person wishing for psychic powers and regreting about it later ..... I think I'll just be very careful if I were to make a wish and be conscious of what I don't want and if I were to make a wish it must be from the space of clarity.


  1. Could it be also, that we have been so conditioned by society, or by others since a baby what we should want and don't want, that when it comes to a point in time for us to decide what we actually want, we actually don't know what we want?

    So true that you mentioned 'unworthiness', always having to justify if we want some thing, even not. Why can't we just want, without conditions, without reasons? Would that be possible, I wonder...

  2. What you said is so true as a lot of our wanting is not ours but what has been programmed into us. So I guess until we are truly living in wisdom the wanting will always be tainted by defilement