Wisdom Arises Through Understanding

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mindful .... Really ?

I was so sure I was mindful
Am I or am I not ?
How can I say I'm mindful
when experience is where I'm at
I've missed the mark totally

Ignorance or Wisdom ?
Which is powering my live now?
Such a thin line to differentiate both
But differentiated it must be
For from wisdom comes clarity
From ignorance comes more ignorance

Step back.. step back
All that is needed is to step back to see
Nature is Nature
When I argue with it I lose
When I see it as it is then
wisdom has done its job
Is it "I" who did the job ?
If I believe "I" did the job
Woe begone Ignorance has paid a visit

Stepping back is actually stepping forward
How can that be ?
Truly it is
Isn't life a paradox ?

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