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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shining Light on Suffering

For quite sometime I have been observing the repetitiveness of life where a person has to wake up, eat, work, sleep, pass motion etc. I remember commenting to SS that what would it be like if we do not have to eat? I think a lot of the world's problems will be solved. I could see that in a way all that we do daily is in the service of sustaining this body of ours. I felt trap in this cycle thinking of the meaningless of all this. I know that I can enjoy good food and different type of food but the crux is still that the eating has to happen to sustain this body or else it will die.

At the same time, there is a constant living in a state of stress where we are upset when we don't get what we want or when we are in pain or the constant wanting of thing to be the way we want it to be. Basically, every uncertainty triggers a barrage of feelings and fear. 

In a way, life feels like a prison but I have learnt to decorate my prison to make it look less like a prison by buying stuff, by eating different type of food, by going on holidays, by playing safe etc. But whatever I am doing or wherever I am, I still have to eat, sleep, pass motion and feel
Recently learnt that there are Dukkha of Feeling, Doing and Being. Strangely, when I see life as meaningless, I am reacting in anger. If I keep looking for something new in my life, I'm actually operating from Greed. And if I view that life is actually like this, its good and no need to change then I am deluded. So, in a way, I'm constantly in Dukkha. Is there a way out ? If there is, I have not found it yet because I'm still embroiled in the feelings and the drama of life.

From a sharing by TL & LF,  there is a way out and its through Wisdom. So, now there is an urgency for me to continuously be aware, to step back from what is happening, to collect data so to speak until wisdom is able to see the futility of the cycle and see the way out.  Its like the situation where we would not hold on to a hot potato once we know its hot, we would drop it. If we are ignorant, we will hold on to the hot potato though its burning our hands but with wisdom, we would drop the hot potato because its not beneficial for our life. I look forward to dropping the hot potato :)

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