Wisdom Arises Through Understanding

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Learning from Trees

I was at my mother in law's place over the CNY. Had the luxury of waking up late and the weather in the morning was so lovely. Cool winds was blowing every morning. On two mornings, i woke up early and decided to step into the garden area to do some Chi gong. The wind on my face and time to myself..... what more can i ask for..

I was observing the trees moving with the wind and remembered what the trees were like the day before when the air was still and the trees did not move. As I observe the trees, I pondered that:-

a. Trees accepts where they are at --- I have not seen a tree running away from its spot . Ha ha. So trees accepts whatever weather that they face... ah.. so not like me... too hot or too cold cannot tahan !!!
When the wind blows, the trees just follow the direction of the tree without judgement..... this to me is like being open to whatever without resisting or holding on..... again I've not seen a tree that put up a fist fight with the wind.. ha ha ..

b. Tree are equanimous  in that they do not make such a fanfare when they grow a new branch or fruit.....not do they laments when someone chops off or trims their branches..... I have not seen a tree do the jiggle nor cry .... : D. In fact, they experience all this just as it is ..... so not like me who wish to let people know when i succeed at something and try not to let people know when i fail. Loose face mah !!

c. Trees accept their size and shape as it is ...... I was seeing that trees comes in various sizes and shapes and I've not seen the trees going for Cosmetic Surgery : D ......So not like me who wish for a flatter tummy, nicer skin etc ... Even if the tree bark looks terrible  (this is my interpretation only because others may see it as beautiful) with scratch marks or damaged bark, i do not see it hiding behind another tree or trying to cover the damaged part.

So much learning from trees that I felt really humbled by what they are teaching me just by being themselves. Accepting what is as is !!


  1. Hopefully you didn't fail to recognise yourself as the observer.. ;p

  2. Seems like trees have their own consciousness too - probably communicating with each other. And yes there is so much to learn about nature. Observe the forest, they are all in chaos and yet there is an order there. Whereas in human, there is order but chaos prevails. In chaos there is order, in order there is chaos, what an irony...