Wisdom Arises Through Understanding

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Anger and for all its worth

I read the newspaper the other day about how a road rage incident ended in a death.I thought that the rage must be really huge to go to the extend of killing someone. I realised that Anger's nature is destructive with very little or no logic. Its like experiencing a total loss of control and the only thought an angry person has is to have satisfaction. After the satisfaction, then what ?? I think not many people see beyond that because all that is in front of them is to obtain the satisfaction (This satisfaction can be from seeing another person hurt, verbal attack, etc)

Today I was talking to someone and as she was relating the injustice that she perceived had happened to her, she had so much anger. Throughout the conversation, I could heard so many "shoulds", "how could they", "they are ungrateful". As I was listening to it, I felt a great sense of sadness and at the same time gratefulness.

Sadness because I could see how the person's holding on to the thoughts and stories are hurting her more than anyone ever could. I could tell the person this but until she chooses to see all that she is going through is her stories of being treated unfairly, she will always be in the prison created by her ownself.  Who would she be without all these stories ??? I bet a happier person who can see that she can not expect people to be the way she wants.

Grateful because at least I can discern that though I feel sadden by what is happening, I cannot change the person because this person has her own journey to walk in this life.All  I can  work on is how I am experiencing the interaction with this person, my desire to fix things and the ideas i have.


  1. Your last para accentuate compassion in action. It is indeed blessed to know what is appropriate and what is not - no longer in the space of rescuer or persecutor but rather compassion and wisdom. Kudos!