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Friday, May 7, 2010

To Fix It or Not To Fix It

Recently a situation happened at home between 2 persons. When i heard about it, a lot of frustration and resentment arised in my mind, speech and behaviour. Normally, I would want to be a rescuer to sort out the problem quickly.

This time I choose to do nothing, in fact I followed SS to Melaka. I remembered what my teacher said, when there is no clarity, do nothing. During this time, I entertained the frustration and also resentment by being aware of it. I must admit, at some point, I wish to run away and avoid the whole thing altogether.

Other member of the family called and asked if I am doing anything about the situation and my reply was that "not now since I'm away and its good to let people cool down as words that were expressed during anger are just meant to get a pound of flesh from the other person" .Actually, in all honesty, I think, I would not have handled the situation well when i was having all the frustration and resentment. It was an opportunity for me to cool down too : )

With that I just kept being aware of the play of wanting to solve the problem and wanting to get upset. And I did get upset when thinking took over and clarity was weak but luckily I managed to expressed it out to a close buddy and the energy around it was dispursed.

While not doing anything on the outside, I realised I was doing a lot on the inside. there was the mindfulness of  concepts and ideas, there was repeated expressionof forgiveness,  there was putting the mind to doing other productive work and there was setting intention on the outcome I would like to experience or create.

Anyway, I don't know what worked but when I got back from Melaka, I called the aggrieved person, to my surprise I could sense a relaxed atmosphere.Things were no longer tense...... hmmmmm.... Maybe doing nothing is something worth doing.

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