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Friday, April 2, 2010

Mindful and Mindless Travelling

Yesterday I went on a trip with TL, GG, YM to Ipoh . I realised that during the whole trip we talked, laughed, shared, questioned, clarified, kept quiet to contemplate and laughed again... It was a totally relaxing trip.

I was observing my mind as much as I could during the whole trip and also the interpretations that comes up in the mind about what I hear and see. I was surprised that When I remember to be aware of what's happening within me as I was interacting with others, the quality of interaction is really much more wonderful because I am putting my own happiness of being with others in my own hands. I am seeing what comes up in me when i see and hear others and I can constantly make a choice to agree, disagree, keep quiet, ponder etc in a space that is in line with my integrity and not so much to keep up appearances or to try to fit into the group's topic or trying to appear smart.

I remembered my sister in law mentioning that she does not enjoy going on trips with people who finds things to complain about during a holiday or blames others when things are not happening as in the itinerary. She mentioned that it was such a pain to be in such situations and around such people. I could not agree more because I guess people complain and blame because they feel victimised or thinks there is no way to change the situation.  What I'm acutely aware is that no matter where I go, I can go mindlessly or go mindfully.
Since its not possible to leave the mind behind while I go on holiday though I wish I could... ha ha ...

So what I currently believe is that, going on holiday mindfully makes the trip more enjoyable not only for me but also for those I'm with. ; ).

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