Wisdom Arises Through Understanding

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"You Complete Me" ..... Ha Ha Ha

I always hear that life is a paradox. What I think is true now is not true later. What I think will lead me to happiness lead me instead to pain. What is to be held onto needs to be let go for peace and wisdom to arise. Life's lessons never cease to amaze me to show what the ego crafted out to be true is actually an untrue.

For example, what is expounded in the world through movies, advertisement, cartoons and soap operas is that we need to be loved by another person to live happily ever after. I loved the scene from the movie Jerry McGuire when he said "You Complete Me" when i first saw the movie. When I became a married woman, I waited for the part that someone "completes" me. Wow... I had a great journey to discover that no one, not even my husband can "complete" me. It is very easy in any relationship that when a partner realises that their partner cannot complete them, they move on to another partner but the whole cycle repeats itself. I guess when people buy into the "truth" that is taught in the movies, advertisement etc .... they will continue to look outside for completion

The true completion I believe comes from within ourselves. It is personal responsibility to look into areas of my own life that I feel a need to be "completed" and start to observe the thought and feeling patterns that lead to the conclusion. Only with understanding that I complete myself. If 2 persons in a relationship works on "completing" themselves instead of expecting another person to do it for them, I believe that is where a true partnership or a true marriage is born where each person brings themselves to their relationship and not expect to be on the receiving end all the time. This type of relationship is based on the foundation of mutual respect, honesty, independence and interdependence at the same time.

I realised even with this understanding, its very easy to fall back into old pattern of wanting to be "completed".
As the saying goes, its the journey not the destination that is important.


  1. The question to ask is why the need to complete? If you feel incomplete ask further why the feeling of incompletion - strange illogical meaning will surface from there - lies the ego give to put the unconscious you on a wild goose chase!

  2. oh yeah... that's a different perspective. Oops the complete person thing comes from the idea of a whole human being. To be complete is to feel good.... hmmmm another ego chase :)

  3. And thus the meaning of Specialness.. what BS!! ;p

  4. We are never good at everything. Ever. So we need other people to fill in the holes where are weaknesses are. Hence when a couple says they complete each other, it can mean that I am good at this while you are good at that. Therefore we are good as a team.

    Hence, you complete me.

  5. Just remember that you are the love that you are looking for. Have fun finding and loving you in yourself.