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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Willing To Explore

Today I followed SS to Melaka. Just the last weekend we saw a newpaper writeup about interesting places to eat in Melaka within walking distance of the major tourist attraction in town. So... being curious, we took the writeup with us to check out 1 eating place behing Jonker Street. Alas.... it was closed. So we decided to try another one which is called Jonker 88. There we had a lovely bowl of Cendol. Not too sweet.

Since we still had parking left, we decided to walked a bit on Jonker street. SS pointed out toy for me to see and said that it was a childhood toy.... I realised I actually don't know how to play the toy because it was the first time i saw this type of toy.....So I bought 2 for my nieces.

We then turned off a street near the beginning of Jonker Walk. I have never walked there before and was surprised to find a lovely shop displaying gorgeous handpainted T-Shirt. I am not sure why but I just walked in and started to browse. I fell in love with a few of the T-shirt design and decided to buy one for my niece. I just choose the design and asked the person to handpaint her name on it. I was mindful that through out the time I was in the shop, choosing the T-shirt and conversing with the 2 owners... I was just having fun. When the T-shirt was done, only then I asked for the price of the T-shirt. It was RM40

I was then I realised that I had not used my old programming of buying things. Normally, when i walked into the shop and see something I like, I will ask for the price or check out the price tag then decide to buy or not. Then if the decision is yes, then I'll proceed to choose the design I like. This time around, I just choose the design I like, felt very joyous and appreciative when the person said he could handpaint my niece's name on it and waited for the person to complete the work before asking for the price. Of course, I was mildly surprised with the price but I could sense the appreciation I had for the time and effort taken to create the beautiful T-shirt. Only after paying for the shirt that I was told they soak and wash the T-shirt 5 times before starting to draw the patterns and normally it takes 3 days to complete a T-shirt. I could sense the labour of love that goes into the production of the shirt.

And to me, I really appreciated myself for having this experience. All this comes when I'm willing to just explore

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